Just as colors like pumpkin orange, rich browns, deep or fiery reds, and butterscotch yellows can hit you with a healthy dose of warmth and make you want to snuggle with a cup of choco or warm apple cider after being out in the nippy air, so too can things that feel soft and fluffy, velvety, and wooly.

Textures are indispensable in creating on-point seasonal atmosphere in your home. They make it possible to truly luxuriate in your living room, bedroom, any part of your house that’s intended to be a place to relax, whatever the time of year.

Be sure to consider everything that you touch and feel: places where you sit or lie down, underfoot, or furniture you put your feet up on—these are where you should maximize comfort and luxurious warmth (especially with the year we’re having).

For autumn, combine these 6 texture choices, and you’re very well on your way to living the very definition of “warm and cozy.”

1. Wool

You can’t go wrong with wool carpets, rugs, blankets and throws, beddings, and upholstery—although it’s best not to overdo it. Mix and match your textures. For example, complement your wool upholstery and beddings with sheepskin rugs and knit throws.

2. Sheepskin

With sheepskin, the wool fibers remain in their natural state, which are then permanently fixed during the tanning process to the skin. Sheepskin rugs and throws add a serious touch of luxury to coziness, but authentic sheepskin can be very expensive—and also not a great fit if you care about animal welfare. Your affordable and guilt-free option is faux sheepskin.

3. Cashmere

Cashmere blankets, throws, pillowcases and beddings are a true luxury and will fit right in, in your fall textural mix-and-match scheme. Just like sheepskin,  though, it’s very expensive; and the animal welfare issue around its use may just as well steer you toward faux cashmere.

4. Knits

From sweaters to wraps and shawls to blankets to poufs, these are actually not restricted to fall—which can mean less work for you to adjust from your breezy and gauzy summer accessories and furnishings to their rich and plush autumn counterparts.

5. Velvet

The richness of velvet is a serious invitation to snuggle for as long as possible. Not only that, it breathes an air of elegance into any space—and warm and elegant sure is a great combination in our book? And if you choose a bold or unusual color, or even print, you get some drama—if you prefer your cozy to be dramatic.

6. Leather

Faux leather would also be a good choice here, for the same reasons why you would choose faux sheepskin, cashmere, etc. Now, how about a chestnut brown faux leather sofa with a generous pile of fluffy pillows and a thick wool blanket draped over one arm? And a sheepskin rug and floor pillows. If you prefer a brighter color, go for ochre or mustard yellow. Either way, this combo seems like a good long weekend with a book, or long talks into the night with a friend who’s visiting.

Are you going to be in between houses this fall and miss out on some quality snuggle time in your cozy living room? Let’s get you out of your old house and into your new home.

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