A new season is upon us, we hope. No doubt, 2020 has had a difficult start to say the least. While many of the issues of 2020 may linger for a while, we are hopeful about the opportunity to get outside again. We have been enjoying some early mornings with the dogs at one of our favorite spots along the American River Parkway, in Fair Oaks.

While it may have been a bit hot these last few days, we are grateful to see our plants growing. It’s a great reminder that as seasons pass, while some things die away, they make room for new growth.

While we were stuck inside for weeks, we made several key decisions in order to move Team Clancy forward.


We took some time to address some of our marketing investments. We touched up our branding a bit. We have always been into “Americana” when it comes to our brand.

We’re unabashed patriots, and we wanted our company to express that value. Our new website and logo “touch up” adds a bit of sophistication, while still maintaining our patriotic vibes. It’s no secret that Michael served in the Navy. The new tones of blue, red, white, and yellow are aligned with those used by the US Navy. We are also putting greater emphasis on blog posts, email, and social media so that we can better be in touch with our community. How are we doing so far?


We also made a choice to switch from a local real estate brokerage, BP Realty, to eXp. Brokering with eXp has granted us access to greater technology as well as a national network of hard working realtors we can partner and network with. eXp will benefit us in numerous ways. To the community however, what you will see is MORE of the Team Clancy brand, greater leverage of technology in our practice, and more marketing tools to leverage for our home sellers!

What will this next season bring?

To extend the metaphor, the soil is rich for real estate ​ and ​ loans. While we did see a lot of listings hit the brakes during COVID, the last month has seen inventory swell and buyers out in throngs. Homeowners that sold during COVID may have seen a small drop in price, but we are seeing a rebound to pre-COVID levels pretty imminently. As usual, summer is looking like a great season for real estate. There are a lot of opportunities sprouting for Sacramento real estate and mortgages.

As our country heals, from both the pandemic and social unrest, we look forward to a time when we can all rejoin each other, whether by our favorite body of water, or backyard BBQ. We can return to working towards our hopes and dreams of creating fun and safe spaces for our families. Whether you are looking for a new home, or taking out some capital from your current home, we hope that you’ll look to Team Clancy, to help you level up, and accomplish your goals.