First-time home sellers should be able to close fast and with as little hassle as possible, just like their seasoned counterparts.

This is the second batch of our collection of pro tips for new sellers looking to maximize their profit so they can go on to buy their next house. If you haven’t read part 1 of our listing and closing tips you won’t want to miss it here.


List it right.

Your house should hit the market on the best day—and that’s Friday. This is because potential homebuyers look at homes on the weekend and check online listings from their real estate agents on Fridays to identify properties they’d like to see.

The best time for your listing to go live is at 12:01 AM. This means your house shows up as a new listing when people wake up on Friday morning, as well as catch the attention of those who stay up late on Thursdays.

There are some exceptions to this, but rest assured, we can help you time your listing right!


Show it (and be flexible about it).

Home showings can feel intrusive—kind of like the real estate version of a physical exam, is one way to look at it. If you don’t particularly enjoy the experience, no need to suffer. Go away for a weekend trip or a staycation at your favorite hotel—just don’t be within hearing distance of someone proclaiming they hate the color teal or wicker furniture.


Host that open house (if it’s doable).

An open house is not necessarily a great idea for every house, so do this only if your property is a good candidate for it (e.g., if you are located in an area close to major traffic, which reasonably guarantees visitors coming in due to easy access). Consult with your agent.


Check your listings online.

Check various websites for your listing to make sure it reflects accurate information. Contact your agent immediately if some features are missing or should not be there.


Promptly respond to an offer.

Don’t leave anyone who made an offer waiting. Many purchase offers come with an expiration date. Other than that, it’s not a good idea to drive buyers crazy waiting for your acceptance or a counteroffer.


Line up your movers ahead of time.

Avoid scrambling around to find movers late in the process. Especially if you’re moving at the busiest time of the year, which is May.

All set? It’s OK to get misty-eyed later on—preferably both from having just said good-bye to your house and from the joy of now having enough to buy the next house you fall in love with.

We at Team Clancy are here to offer our expert service to ensure you get the best offers and close within the shortest time. Contact us for a free home evaluation.