“Summertime and the livin’ is easy . . .”

And the home improvement projects are plenty, whether you want to tackle them DIY-style or you prefer to pay the pros.

Here are 10 projects you can choose from: 


Summer is not ideal for all exterior improvement work. For example, roof repairs are better undertaken in the spring, while projects like repainting the garage door and replanting the garden can wait until the fall (though spring is also a good time for doing some extensive work on the garden).

What you can comfortably tackle, though, are projects like these:

1. Driveway and walkway upgrade

Summer’s a good time to lay stone pavers or bricks on your driveway/walkway for a fresh approach to your front door. Alternatively, you can fix any cracks in your concrete driveway/walkway.

2. Façade-lift 

Complement your newly paved driveway/walkway with fresh siding/cladding, or a newly painted exterior.

3. Pressure wash

Make sure your summer home improvement projects include a good old-fashioned high-power cleaning. It’s an affordable way (whether you do it yourself or you hire a pro) to effectively remove built-up dirt, sediment and other debris as well as get rid of things like mold, mildew, and algae, which can lead to long-term wear and tear on a home. 

If you opt to go the DIY route, be sure to follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent damage.

4. Deck, patio, and fence build or updates

Time to get around to building that deck or patio. Or if they’re starting to look a little bit worn, a re-staining or repainting job is in order.


The summer heat calls for interiors that look and feel crisp and cool and breezy, so it’s a great idea to go for updates that help you achieve this. 

5. Kitchen updates

New tiles. If your kitchen tiles have been around for a while, it may be time for an update. A brand-new backsplash can instantly freshen and smarten up your kitchen fresh. 

New hardware. How often have you considered your brass appliance pulls, drawer pulls, and cabinet hardware? See if they’re due for an update. You’ll be surprised how they brighten up your kitchen.

Painted/repainted cabinetry. Round out your updates by giving your cabinetry a fresh coat of paint for a kitchen that feels like new.

6. Light fixture updates

Nothing makes any room feel stuffy than unwieldy, chunky light fixtures. Modern homes are better served by light fixtures that are, well, light, and don’t take up more space that it needs to. 

7. Energy efficiency projects

Airtight windows. Modern air-tight models cut heating and cooling costs.

Smart thermostat. With so many things going smart these days, why shouldn’t thermostats get in on the action? You might want to look into the Nest Learning Thermostat, which lets you control the temperature of your home from their mobile device, no matter where you are. And as the name suggests, this thermostat can “learn” your temperature habits. See if it’s a great option for you, or an investment you’re prepared to make this year.  

Modern refrigerator. Fridges are the biggest energy drain in a home, so it makes perfect sense to get a modern Energy Star fridge. It’s a great way to save nearly $200 a year in energy bills.

Whole house fan / ceiling fan. How about some energy-efficient cooling without draining your home improvement funds? A whole house fan works in unison with ceiling fans and other circulating fans, pulling air in from openings within the house and then removing it by exhausting it through the attic and roof, ensuring your comfort in the summer heat.

8. Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceilings were big in the mid- to late twentieth century as a textured treatment to absorb sound, cover any imperfections, as well as a way to save money by skipping the necessary paint job for the finished surface.

By now, though, popcorn ceilings have become a form of imperfection themselves and are hated by most homeowners. Fortunately, they also don’t cost a lot to get rid of—which is great news if you still have them in your to-do list. Just be sure to do it right.

9. Wall updates

Want a quick and maximum-impact project to make your home a bright and cool place to get out—and stay out—of the summer heat? Paint your walls. Or instead of paint, why not opt for a wallpaper? Choose cool, breezy, summery or neutral prints. A new paint color and/or strategically applied wallpaper are very hard-to-miss ways to hit the Refresh button.

10. Custom built-ins

Go for interesting storage solutions with custom carpentry—whether you need bookshelves, a kitchen bench, hallway shelves, bathroom shelves, stairway landing storage benches, towel holders, and so on. 

Selling this summer? Try these home improvement projects to boost your house’s resale value. And here’s the great news: We can help you not only with listing and selling but also with your home improvement projects through our Concierge Services

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